KOOKA Group of Companies was established in 1990 pioneering in the distribution of tissue paper products to away-from-home customers. With its expansion, Kooka Paper Manufacturing was incorporated in 1996 with its own converting plant producing varieties of serviettes/napkins, facial tissues, hand towels, bathroom tissues, jumbo roll tissues, to mention a few.

KOOKA today has the widest range of disposable paper serviettes and napkins of which our linen weave(quilted) napkins are our star product, offering a multitude of colours, sizes, folds and printed designs. Our products have reached the shores of many continents, throughout the world. As such, we are committed to our customers and agents, at all times, to ensure that only the best gets to them.

With 20 years of experience behind it and still growing from strength to strength, KOOKA aims to be a world class company by positioning itself as a one stop service provider of tissue paper products for all industries.

To minimise the environmental impact of unused products and reduce wastage, in the event a customer:

  1. does not place any repeat order for products printed with the customer's branding within 3 months from their last order, or
  2. does not use these customer branded products stored at Kooka's premises within 3 months
Kooka reserves the right to reuse, recycle, donate, or otherwise dispose of the product in any way Kooka deems fit at the end of this 3-month period.